Our company, which is aware that human happiness is directly related to the environment and the environment in which it lives, prioritizes ecological balances in all its projects.

Because!… Our beautiful Istanbul, which is unique in the world, has been faced with problems that are very difficult to return due to urban planning and construction contrary to ecological balances, unfortunately unable to receive engineering services due to intense immigration. During the planning phase, the anticipated density in the zoning parcels and residential areas has almost doubled due to illegal or unconscious housing, telephone, electricity, water, gas, road, pavement, parking lot, green area, playgrounds, social service buildings, which are established according to the planning density, As the hospital, school, etc. were insufficient, the resources were wasted with new excavations in the streets and avenues. It is not difficult to predict the consequences of an earthquake in Istanbul with this infrastructure and superstructure stock.

Therefore, Çiloğlu Mühendislik İnşaat ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. Has adopted the vision of being an international company that steers the change in design and implementation, offers optimum solutions by adapting rapidly to the latest and most accurate technologies developing in our country and in the world, prioritizing human satisfaction and environmental awareness, not boasting but always being praised.